iPhone 7 Plus cameras achieve their full potential with latest iOS 10 beta

One of the best features of the iPhone 7 Plus is undoubtedly its camera, with the phone adding a second lens and allowing for 2x optical zoom.

Currently the lenses work independently of each other, but Apple always had bigger plans for them, with a software update later this year set to unlock their true potential by allowing the two 12MP lenses to work together, and it seems that update might almost be ready, as it's already available as part of the iOS 10.1 public beta.

The update adds a Portrait mode to your camera app, which when activated uses both the wide angle and telephoto lenses to create a bokeh effect, which focuses on the subject while slightly blurring the background, much like a DSLR is capable of.

  • How to download the latest iOS 10 beta right now

Unleash your inner photographer

If you want to give the feature a try just sign up at Apple's beta testing website or check out our guide for full instructions – the beta is free, but of course you'll need an iPhone 7 Plus to use Portrait mode.

It's worth noting that as this is a beta it's likely to be buggy and unstable, and the Portrait mode itself may not be fully polished either, so you should back up your device before installing the beta.

Or just wait for the final, stable release. Since Portrait mode is already available in beta form there's a good chance it will be fully launched soon.

  • There's only a single-lens camera on the standard iPhone 7
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