The Best Free Antivirus Providers (2018)

Being safe online doesn't have to cost...

With the increasing number of vicious viruses and trojans, the threat you face online has never been so high. Dangers such as phishing and ransomware have seen a dramatic rise in the last year causing thousands of users worldwide major heartache. Whether you’re a casual online user or constantly on your computer, having an antivirus program is vital to protecting yourself. But it doesn’t have to be expensive. To help keep user’s safe, first-class antivirus programs are offering partial protection for free. (Review the Top 10 free antivirus programs)

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3 Major Benefits of Free Antivirus Programs:
  1. Identity Protection
It is without a doubt that the greatest danger you face online is now identity theft. If you fall victim to this it can have grave implications that can be costly and stressful to fix. Through the use of rootkits, spyware and keyloggers your login data, credit card data and bank data (along with many others) are captured. Ultimately leading to serious cases of identity theft whereby you are vulnerable, unless you have an antivirus with ID protection.

To do: Use an antivirus program that has anti-phishing software enabled.

  1. Prevent Danger From Emails
Emails are one of the biggest security risks on the internet. It is common for viruses to be attached to emails which when downloaded onto your PC can then gain access to your computer and spread from there. Therefore its vital to have antivirus protection that automatically scans the attachments of downloaded emails and delete suspicious files if necessary. 

To do: Outlook and Thunderbird users should use antivirus software with email protection.

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  1. Safe & Speedy Internet: 
As well as all its protection features certain antivirus programs offer additional features allowing your online experience to be more enjoyable. Total AV, for example, offers an ad blocker that will automatically stop annoying advertising. This along with the protection it provides also allows for your computer to perform a lot faster, speeding up your surfing. Through Total AV it’s also possible to enable “children’s mode”.  This will automatically lock web pages that are inappropriate for children. 
To Do: Purchase Antivirus programs that have additional features rather than just child software or single ad blockers.

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Which Providers Offer Free Protection?

With the growing demand for antivirus and the expanding market, many providers are now offering free partial protection. This is both to keep users safe and allows the provider to increase its market share. However, the quality of the protection offered does vary depending on the provider so be sure to check you get the best free antivirus available.

We recommend using independent antivirus comparison sites to ensure you are able to get the best free protection for your computer. To see who is the best provider for you visit Here you can find out which providers offer free protection and compare them against each other.

The Best Free Antivirus Program?

With the growing dangers on the internet of ID theft, viruses, ransomware plus many more it is no surprise that there has been an expansion of the antivirus market. With so many offers and providers to choose from its hard to know which is the best for you.
If you want full online security and all of the above then established approved providers such as Total AV are the right choice. Total AV is easy to use and suitable for both beginners and advanced users. Its high level of protection and full security suite program provides every feature you need to be protected and keep your PC optimized. Total AV is also compatible on all devices PC’s, Mac and mobile.

Attention: Until 30/09/2018 Total AV is free to download.



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