Is Your Android Smartphone Safe?

The Truth About Your Smartphones Security

If you live in the U.S, and have an Android Smartphone or Tablet connected to the internet then this may be the most important article you ever read.

With over 3.5 billion Smartphone users worldwide there are now more people accessing the internet on their Smartphone than there are on computers globally. This presents a huge danger as nearly every Smartphone user has a significant amount of personal data and information stored on their device. For cybercriminals, this is now a gold mine and is their major target for carrying out cyber attacks.

This year has seen a dramatic increase in Smartphone malware. Over 2 million Android users in the U.S were affected by the 'Hummingbird' virus, gaining access to calls, messages, private photos, and most incredibly Personal Banking info.

Through hidden malware (found within popular apps you download from the Play Store along with emails) cybercriminals are able to access your phone and decrypt your personal data. Putting many people at risk of identity fraud. A hacked phone provides an efficient way for a thief to steal your identity or drain your bank account.

Due to the high risk and these increasing attacks Android Trained Developers have teamed up with the renowned software provider, Scanguard™ to release a Free Android Security Scan. 

Android users are being urged to claim this free Security Scan today.

Lead Developer, James explains, “This year we saw millions of consumers affected by the sudden increase in Smartphone malware. Our main goal is simple; we wanted to help users protect their personal information, identity, and online banking without fears that their Smartphone may be compromised.”

Due to an overwhelming response and demand for the free security scan, the trusted provider Scanguard™ have decided to continue the promotion. As of today, the promotion is still available, but we are unsure how long it will continue. So get it whilst you can.

So, How Do I Claim My Free Smartphone Security Scan?

1.    Simply download the Official Android Security Giveaway Here

2.    Enter your Name & Email and launch the Scanguard™ Security Scan

If threats are located, you can manually remove them from your device by accessing the system files within your Smartphone settings or upgrade to the Scanguard™ Ultimate Antivirus package which will instantly remove them for you and activate real-time protection.

Once all threats are removed and real-time protection is activated you will also be able to give your Smartphone a well-deserved speed enhancement, using the Scanguard™ system boost tools.

Click Here To Claim The Scanguard Free Security Scan.